Culture at BotBakery

Our expertise is powered by the uncommon intellect and immense amount of skill that each person brings to BotBakery. But it’s the values we practice that give our work a brilliantly warm finishing touch and keeps our partners coming back for more.

When you spend a good portion of every day at work, we believe you should only have to do that with people who understand and respect you but challenge and question you at the same time.

BotBakery has attracted personalities that vary wildly and continues to do so. Each one who joins us has an inner code they believe in and live by and more importantly, overlaps significantly with our values.

That is why we created a team handbook – to align the growing team around shared values and to build a community of peers who want to spend long hours working together and build big things, taking different small steps together, every day.

The team handbook is a handy guide that keeps the team united and on common ground, helping us navigate and eradicate  office politics and creating a psychologically safe environment for everyone to excel in.

As we are an early stage startup, we do not have too many company policies, yet (& hopefully never!). What we do staunchly believe in and adhere to are our values. Over the past 30 months, we have put together this handbook with our core values and working styles.

These were inspired by the GitLab team handbook, Netflix Culture Doc, Amazon Leadership Principles and Google’s Ten Things.

If your interest is sufficiently piqued, download the team handbook for a vicarious description of how we communicate, collaborate and celebrate life together as a team!