The BotBakery Internship

Who are we?

Digital Marketing

We redirect users’ attention to our partners across different channels and analyse their behaviour with analytical tools to improve partners’ visibility, accessibility and bottomlines.


We create effective, fast and reliable platforms over which partners showcase their offering to and conduct business with strangers. We ensure the digital platforms are irresistibly revisitable.


We want our work to become friends at first sight (quite literally) with users. Our focus is on how the interfaces we create make them feel about their journey on partners’ websites and applications.

What’s this internship about?

The BotBakery Internship is an identity-shaping segue from university to industry for early career professionals and students who are still deciding what to do in their professional lives.

A 6-month stint with us to accelerate your personal and professional growth in an environment that respects you for who you are and helps you get to your best self.

The real crux of the internship lies in the extent of flexibility and responsibility it offers to interns. While your role can evolve on a performance basis to include multi-disciplinary learnings and associated tasks, you will also be expected to step up on live projects and take ownership for how your work impacts our partners.

Every intern is cherry-picked and brings a very unique angle to the narrative of BotBakery. The peer learning is extensive when each one’s uniqueness is brought into the collaboration.

Learnings beyond your core role

  • Partner Support

    Use our technology and expertise in influencing user behaviour to help our partners reach their business goals

  • Business & Technical Growth

    Help grow the team and organisation with faster and better outreach to potential investors and talent

  • Sales Acquisition

    Actively pursue new avenues for possible use-cases and, build relationships that convert into business opportunities

  • Knowledge Building

    Help document processes and frameworks with which the organisation operates and increase multi-disciplinary learning

  • Internal Processes

    Understand and improve current workflows in place in different functions and support their integration to make collaboration easier

  • Research & Development

    Investigate and plan incorporation of important market trends in digital marketing, web development and design into our current business model

Who are we looking for?

You should be sharp-minded, demonstrate inner drive and love for your core discipline of interest and possess the combined spirit of a leader and a contributor. You may be from anywhere in the world and have a background in any area.

We look at how you have developed your skills and honed your craft, beyond educational qualifications and accolades.


Application Process

The application is meant to be a journey for you into your skills and personality. And it will help us get to know you. We hope you enjoy the trip!

A few members of our team will have conversations with you to broaden our mutual understanding of each other. These are potentially your future colleagues and it is very important for us that we are a good fit together.

Our workspace offers one of the best views in town (probably, the best). Meet the team that is building BotBakery. Ask questions and also, help us understand how you fit in technically and personally with us.

We will help you choose the most suitable role and maybe even craft a multi-disciplinary one just for you, based on your interests, skills and our business needs.

Lo and behold! You will be offered the opportunity to be one of us.

What next?